Mission (MISSION)

Iran Scientific Association of Midwifery is one of the scientific associations of the country, benefiting from capable, committed, expert, professional and competent members, working in accordance with the needs of the scientific community of the country along with policy, planning, implementation, guidance, supervision and educational evaluation programs, research and new technologies. Iran Scientific Association of Midwifery works with relevant institutions and organizations. With the help of a dedicated staff and the support of researchers, students and professors, the association is committed to taking an effective step towards enhancing the country’s scientific output.

Vision (VISION)

The Iranian Midwifery Association strives to benefit from the support of faculty, researchers and students across the country and to leverage the educational, technological and research capabilities available in the country by developing cross-sectoral collaborations and relying on existing creativity and innovation. Iran Scientific Association of Midwifery is among the active and up-to-date associations at the national and international level.
Its members dominate all areas of women’s health, fertility, social health, population and public health and deliver the highest quality of midwifery services to women and families.


– To establish scientific, technical, educational and research links and to exchange views and experiences between researchers, experts and professors who are involved in community-related trends and sciences

– To actively collaborate with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, other associations, institutions, organizations and other bodies that are related to community activities in order to participate in education, research, consulting and technological planning.

– To support the activities of the Association’s specialized working groups in order to achieve the overall goals of education, research, technology and student affairs

– To providing scientific, education, research and technology services based on existing standards

– To encourage all researchers in the country to advance scientific goals

– To organize conferences, congresses and workshops and continuing education in accordance with the policies of the Ministry and national legislations

– To support international institutions to promote scientific and qualitative levels in accordance with existing rules and regulations

– To organize and improve the diagnosis of gynecological diseases, pregnancy care and training of midwives, researchers and stakeholders

– To raise awareness in the prevention and control of gynecological diseases

– To improve community health and to raise public awareness in relation to women’s health and fertility

– To support research projects, and to upgrade education and related skills

– To increase the level of information on reproductive health through research projects and workshops

– To exchange technical and specialized experience in the field of midwifery

– To implement the general and approved policies of the association and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

– To support and empower researchers and to develop research and technology at national level

– To utilize the results of applied research and new technologies in order to solve problems and promote community health

– To expand regional, national and global research communications and collaborations

– To optimize the use of research funds in order to improve the quality and quantity of research and to support researchers

– To conduct, plan, monitor and evaluate research activities of universities and research centers

– To improve the skills of faculty members in research and clinical fields in order to improve their performance and effectiveness

– To develop a center for growth and support for technology projects by university researchers in the field of health

– To establish the center for the development and support of technological projects and support industry-wide research